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Beach Artist Expected $400 for Painting and Wound Up with Half a Million

By ROBERTA T. VOWELL, The Virginian-Pilot © December 5, 2006 The artist calls it “The Little Painting That Could.” It’s just 8-by-12, a bit larger than the biggest photo in your kid’s school picture packet. It portrays a figure poised to dive into a mountain lake. Louis Jones, a Virginia Beach artist, painted it in […]

Louis Jones Puts His Art In The Whole World’s Hands

He’s been held in a million hands, tossed on hundreds of beds and left in countless airports. He is Louis Jones, prolific artist and illustrator of no less than eight New York Times bestseller book covers or frontispiece illustrations–and you’ve likely given him much of the same treatment… VIEW ARTICLE FROM HAMPTON ROADS MAGAZINE>>  

Conversations with God

Louis just closed a deal with award-winning producer and director, Stephen Simon, for the use of his images for “Conversations with God”, the movie. Louis’ cover art has appeared on the entire “Conversations with God” book series, which has had worldwide acclaim. These images will also be used in “The Making of Conversations with God”, […]

The Truth Is Out There

Local artist Louis Jones sued, basically put everything on the line, to get credit for his work from the makers of the film, What Dreams May Come,  whose stunning scenes the artist claims came from art he created years ago. But before the case went to court, Jones settled for an undisclosed sum and more […]

When Dreams Turn To Nightmares

The stunning visuals in What Dreams May Come, the $75 million version of the afterlife committed to celluloid, were so poignant that it won a Best Visual Effects Oscar. Artist Louis Jones knows their power. He calls them three years of his best work, images he painted to be book-cover art. But when Jones saw the […]

Illustration a Winner for Local Artist

When local artist Louis Jones was asked to paint an image full of moody realism for the cover of a metaphysical book, he wondered if he should even bother. After all, he figured, he could put his time toward other paintings which would surely be more profitable than the sum offered up-front by the small […]