Conversations with God

If you love the cover art from the Conversations with God books, you might be interested to know that our very own Louis Jones is the artist who created the artwork for all of the bookcovers. The prints “The Lake”, “The Lake II”, and “The Lake III” were commissioned for the covers of the New York Times Bestsellers Conversations with God Books 1, 2, and 3 by author Neale Donald Walsch. These books have now been translated into 34 languages and are being sold throughout the world.

Well over seven million copies have been sold to date. “The Lake” has been, as Putnam Publishing states “Unprecedented in its appeal worldwide”. The movie “Conversations with God” was released in theaters nationwide in October 2006. The movie was directed by Academy Award winning producer Stephen Simon. The film is now out on DVD. Louis Jones received two movie credits for the use of his painting “The Lake” in this film. His painting directly inspired the setting of the film and the painting comes to life on the big screen.

These prints are available for purchase on our website. Each limited edition print is hand signed and numbered by artist Louis Jones, thus insuring their collector value.

About the Author
Neale Donald Walsch lives with his wife, Nancy, in southern Oregon. Together they have formed ReCreation, a non-profit foundation for personal growth and spiritual understanding with the goal of giving people back to themselves. Walsch lectures and hosts workshops throughout the country to support and spread the messages contained in Conversations with God.