What is a giclée print?

Digital printing technology has ushered in a range of new artwork reproduction methods for artists. Giclée (often pronounced “zhee-clay” or “jhee-clay”) is one such digital printing method. The giclée has gained wide popularity among both artists and art buyers for the following reasons:

  • Giclée reproductions are printed using pure pigment inks. Pigment inks are inherently archival, withstanding the destructive effects of light and humidity for well over 200 years before color fade sets in.
  • Giclée reproductions are printed on acid-free fine art papers and canvas. The use of acid-free papers and canvas prevents a reproduction from turning brown and brittle over time.
  • Giclée reproductions are printed in high resolution using advanced color control technology. This results in reproductions of exceptional detail and color depth. These factors are important elements of high quality giclées that capture the look and feel of the original artwork.

A giclée is considered by many to be the “next best thing to an original” because of its close resemblance to the original, archival qualities and more affordable price.

What is an offset lithograph?

Offset lithography is a process used for printing fine art prints, using printing plates. An image is transferred to a metal printing plate that is chemically treated so that only the image areas will accept ink. One color is printed at a time as the plate is rolled onto a rubber cylinder applying the inked area, and then the rubber cylinder applies the image to the paper. The print is “offset” because the plate does not come in direct contact with the paper, which preserves the quality of the plate.

What is a limited edition?

A limited edition means that there is only a certain number of each print edition that will be printed. Once those prints are all sold, we will never print any more. Thus, a limited edition print is much more valuable as opposed to an open ended print edition. We generally have 350 prints in our giclée print editions. For our lithographs, the edition sizes vary.

What is an ‘Artist Proof’?

An Artist Proof is one of the very first prints made in a print edition. This is when we are checking to make sure that the prints are going to look as close to the original as we possibly can get them, adjusting the color as needed. We generally print 10-20 Artist Proofs for each print edition that we make. Sometimes the colors can be slightly different in the Artist Proofs if we decided to adjust the colors at all before approving a final proof. The numbered edition begins after these Artist Proofs are printed.

What does ‘signed and numbered’ mean?

All of our limited edition prints are signed and numbered. This means that the artist hand signs each print and also will write a number on the print in correlation with that print edition. For example, “1/350” or “Artist Proof” if it is an Artist Proof.

What is your shipping process for artwork?

Unframed prints will be mailed in a sturdy shipping tube and precisely rolled as to not damage the artwork. Our preferred method of shipping is USPS Priority Mail. Please allow at least 3 days for order processing. In the event that a print is not immediately available in our inventory, we may have to order the print for you; therefore the processing time will be longer. We will contact you with an approximate shipping timeframe. Original paintings and framed prints are more fragile to mail, being that they are usually under glass and are also more valuable. An individual wooden crate must be built for each piece and shipping costs will vary depending on the size, weight, and value. Please contact us for a shipping quote if you are interested in a framed print or an original painting.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. Please contact us directly to find out specific pricing and information.

I am interested in seeing your original paintings. Where can I see them?

Many of our original paintings that are available for sale are on display at Jones Art Gallery in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We are always painting new works, so you might see something new on each visit. We will also set up a private appointment at the gallery for you to view some of our original works, so please give us a call to set something up. From time to time, we may post photos of our newest original in our blog posts, so be sure to check out our blog.

Do you show other artists’ work at your gallery?

No, we only show the work of our family at our gallery.

I am interested in using your artwork for a book cover, movie, or other usage rights. Who should I contact for more information?

Please contact Louis Jones at the Jones Art Gallery, (757) 557-6868, for more information on obtaining usage rights to any of our family’s artwork.

What is your copyright policy?

All Jones artwork is copyrighted and strictly enforced. None of our artwork shall be used or duplicated in any means whatsoever without the express written consent and contract from Louis, Susan, or Ryan Jones. We also obtain all printing rights to our original works, and no prints shall be made by anyone other than Louis, Susan, or Ryan Jones. Thank you for your cooperation.