The Artists

Much has been made of the famous Jones family – three generations of internationally renowned painters from Hampton Roads, Virginia. Patriarch Herb, son Louis, daughter-in-law Susan, and grandson Ryan have sold the paintings and prints around the world, are revered by galleries, museums, and art patrons.

Louis Jones

I watched the light shimmer and play on bits of dust as the sun streaked across my boyhood bed. Like stars in the night sky, it was beautiful…magical; a part of this remarkable playground provided for us all. Even then, I was too inspired and aware of this miracle that is life. I was driven to imitate and celebrate the perfection of the world around me. One lifetime is not enough to create the infinite images in my head. Creating art is what drives me from my bed each day, and it has given me unreasonable joy and little sleep.

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Susan Jones

I remember the chill of the water and the thrill of feeling something living.  I was like a grizzly bear-child, catching fish with only my hands.  I was shocked by the beauty of these brightly colored, shimmering creatures of the creek.  This was one of my first “magic moments”, aware and in awe of the glory surrounding me. In my youth, as a ballet dancer, I was aware that the process was everything. The creation of the movements WAS the art. It was in these “magic moments” that I lived and found joy and creative fulfillment.

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Ryan Jones

Being born into a family of artists seems unusual to most people.  However, for me it couldn’t have been more natural.  My first communication was not in words, but in paint and brush strokes.  I have been told that my grandfather painted to me before I could talk and I answered back with strokes of color.  With both of my parents being thriving professional artists, I always knew there was no other path for me.  I never wondered what I was going to be when I grew up.  I just knew what I was, an artist.

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Herb Jones

Artist Herb Jones was born in Norfolk, VA during an early spring blizzard in the area known as Willoughby Spit. Herb would live in this Norfolk community for the remainder of his life.  He sold over 500,000 of his limited edition prints during his lifetime. His works were selected for permanent collections in museums and exhibits throughout the world. Before his life’s end, he received worldwide recognition as an artist, listed among ‘Who’s Who in American Art’ and various international catalogues of artistic and intellectual notables.

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