Jones Art Gallery is a family affair! Since the 1950s, the Jones family has been a major force in the art world. Their artwork has graced the covers or frontispieces of nine New York Times Bestsellers, by authors John Grisham, Ian McEwan, Neale Donald Walsch and other prominent authors. They have received artwork credits in over 100 million books to date. Artwork by the Joneses has been used in two major motion pictures, has been featured on television programs and has been written about in numerous national and international publications. Collectively, they have sold over one million of their artistic images worldwide, both original paintings and limited edition prints. The Jones Art Gallery is located at Town Center in the heart of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The gallery exclusively shows original paintings and limited edition prints of the three generations of the Jones family. The artists include husband and wife, Louis Jones and Susan Jones, their son, Ryan Jones, and the late patriarch, Herb Jones.

“Our art is our greatest passion and joy; our highest truth.” Enjoy your visit to our online art gallery and blog. Read the stories of inspiration behind the images.