The Jones Art Studio Experience

We have been enjoying our Studio space two doors down from the gallery.  The large space has given us the ability to stretch out and do some large pieces on canvas.  We have loved being a part of the town center community and the interaction with the passing patrons.  Ryan’s explosive colors of acrylic paint quickly covers the large canvas.  Then time and effort goes into stroking the details into the scene.  Every angle of light and breath of wind considered by the artist as he creates his own reality.  “Half of my brain is in deep conversation with patrons, while the other never leaves the world I’m painting.  I must say that it is both exhilarating and exhausting;  I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

In Louis’ latest creation he tackles the beast of a 4 foot by 5 foot fall scene.  Every color and shade of autumn super imposed onto canvas. The reds are bright, the yellow’s are brilliant. Oranges tie the whole thing together in this glowing portrayal of the forest in all its glory of Autumn.  Louis jokes to the crowd, “I’ll never paint anything this large again.”  Many don’t realize the pain and suffering of arching yourself over a canvas for weeks or months.  Meticulously assessing each stroke to imitate  the inspiration.  The idea is the easy part. The execution is work.  However Louis knows he will paint another.

Susan is always in deep thought during  her painting process.   She considers each stroke, every shade of color and how it will affect the painting.  After one session in the Studio, Ryan had been busy talking to people.  He asked his Mom “So what did you work on tonight.”  her reply was “I changed that shade of yellow  3 percent and now I love it!”  For Susan its these kind of painting nuances that create her perfect world. A truly gifted impressionist.

The Jones Studio Experience lets everyone be a part of their process.