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Louis Jones illustrates John Grisham’s “A Painted House”

To Louis Jones, it seemed a simple assignment. Draw a house. Heck, go ahead and paint a house. After all, that was the title of the book he was illustrating: “A Painted House”. This is not just any book. It’s a John Grisham book. John Grisham of “The Firm”, “The Pelican Brief” and a shelf-full […]

Louis Jones commissioned to paint Neptune Festival poster

DIFFERENT POSTER ACCOMPLISHES ITS TASK By Deborah Markham, Staff Writer (As seen in The Beacon on June 11, 2000) It’s different. That’s what admirers and critics say about the 27th annual Neptune Festival limited edition poster, now on sale. And that’s what the board of directors looked for, said Nancy Creech, Neptune Festival president. They were trying to […]

The Truth Is Out There

Local artist Louis Jones sued, basically put everything on the line, to get credit for his work from the makers of the film, What Dreams May Come,  whose stunning scenes the artist claims came from art he created years ago. But before the case went to court, Jones settled for an undisclosed sum and more […]